Sustain Lean Gains

Lean is 30% systems and 70% people.
What is the 9th Muda?  
Do you find yourself
  • Re-training your teams to do
    the improved process?

  • Re-instructing your teams about
    the new standard work?
  • Re-starting your Lean, CI, Op-Ex,
    or Six Sigma programs?
  • Re-doing your Kaizen Events
    when they didn't "take" the first time?

If you do any of this, you are doing
the 9th Muda (Waste)
of Lean!

"The results disappear
    as soon as the team does!"
A hospital manager

"One of the most common complaints heard during a lean transformation is 'We cannot seem to sustain the changes that have been made.'"
from a 2012 newsletter of the
Association for Manufacturing Excellence 

Stop this "re-" waste of your time and effort.
Learn how to make your hard-won gains last:

  • On-site Webinar Training for Supervisory Staff at all levels
  • Train the Trainer programs for
    internal Lean-Sigma facilitators

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